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I was recently asked to evaluate the DialCard product as a potential solution for processing credit cards from a Visual FoxPro application. This product does just what it says it will do and Joshua is so helpful with technical support issues it's like having another team member. There were a couple of situations where enhancements to the DialCard modules would be helpful and Joshua made these changes within a day and sent us new modules. The application using DialCard which I wrote for my client is now in use and has greatly increased their productivity.

Twila Miller
TM DesignWare
Manhattan Beach, CA



    Cabaret Development LLC
    21 West Park Square, Ste 200
    Marietta, GA 30060
    Phone (770)422-0606 Fax (770)422-1270

To Whom It May Concern:

Our company develops data processing software and in the past have had little need to utilize dial-up communications. We recently took on a project that required seamless integration with a Credit Card processor. Rather than re-invent the wheel, we researched our needs and discovered Medasyst.

Medasyst, owned by Mr. Joshua Zavelovich, sells tested, proven, and certified interface modules to most Credit Card processors. For our needs, we purchased the VisaNet interface. Our product is fairly complex and required multiple site licenses. Mr. Zavelovich was very helpful in getting the Medasyst interface installed, and the accompanying documentation was straight forward and easy to use.

Once installed, Medasyst provided excellent technical support, always quick and eager to respond to problems as they arose. We have been using our product in 12 different locations for almost a year, and have had very little trouble. When we did encounter problems, they turned out to be our code or the processor’s. On the one occasion we discovered an issue in the Medasyst software, Mr. Zavelovich attended to the problem immediately and had a solution within 24 hours!

I would heartily recommend the Medasyst Credit Card interfaces to all FoxPro and Visual FoxPro developers!

Bill Perkins
Research & Development
Cabaret Development LLC



The credit card processing has made a huge positive impact on our shipping & billing departments. Thank you so much. And your support is terrific.

Randi Hopkins
Carushka Inc



Dial Card has allowed Gingiss to easily integrate credit card processing into it's point of sale system. The benefits have been numerous. The Dial Card modules have saved Gingiss time and money. Excellent customer service!!

Tom Mich
Gingiss International

I have used two different Medasyst credit card processing routines in my FoxPro point-of-sale system for antique and craft malls for over two years. They have worked flawlessly since installed. I found the examples and the documentation easy to follow and especially was pleased to be able to install third-party software that allowed me to control the user-interface so that it blends seamlessly with my interface style.

I intend to use Medasyst software again in the upcoming Visual FoxPro implementation of my system. Joshua Zavelovich patiently and helpfully answered any questions I had during the integration of Medasyst code into my system. I would highly recommend this software to any developer needing certified software to access credit card processing centers.

Sue Cunningham
Software Gallery, LLC

We have offered third party Credit Card Processing solutions during the past decade to our customers with varied success. A few years ago we worked with Medasyst to integrate DialCard into our Point-of-Sale and Mail Order modules. From our past experience we have found that the integration with third party solutions can be a long and painful project. Medasyst however was able to assist us with the integration and continues to provide us support when needed. The DialCard product for FoxPro has been easy to distribute and install seamlessly with our applications. The DialCard solution has allowed us to continue to evolve our applications with new Windows OS at the same time leaving the basic interface intact. This migration from one version of Windows to another without redeveloping our interface is a great value to us. We recommend the DialCard product to anyone looking for a way to provide Credit Card Processing function to their application.


Jeff Helland
ARS Solutions

I would like to commend you on your excellent internet credit card processing tool.  It was easy to integrate into our custom order entry program and has performed quickly and reliably for 18 months.  Your tools has saved us countless man hours and headaches.  I absolutely recommend this product for those looking to integrate credit card processing into their systems and am especially happy with how well it works with Visual FoxPro. 


Robert Pierce
MIS Manager
Smooth-On Inc

Our customers were requesting support for credit card processing in our POS application so we researched many of the third party products available.  We chose the Medasyst WnetCard Modules because they are well documented,  easy to implement, and offer secure and stable performance for a reasonable cost.  Our customers now appreciate having access to full-featured credit card processing with support for all major processing networks. 

Jeff Carolus
Application Developer
Affiliated Acceptance Corporation

Our company has been using the Medasyst product since 2007.  In that time we have been very impressed with the ease of implementation and the absolute flawless performance in processing our credit card transactions.  Our company prides itself on the customer service we have provided for over 25 years and we notice when a vendor goes above and beyond.  This perfectly describes Joshua and support he provides for his product.  On the rare occasions where we had a question he has always responded quickly even if it was after normal business hours.  We do not hesitate to recommend the Medasyst product. 

R. Brackins 
Southeastern Apparel, Dothan AL

We have used Medasyst to handle credit card processing for our home care software company since 2011. Since then, they have provided extremely reliable service. We have also seen a consistent 3% cost savings. Because of our excellent experience with them, we also started recommending them to our HomeTrak customers. Clients have saved time and money with electronic payment processing. As an example, we have clients that switched to Medasyst and have expected annual savings of $4,500 and $12,000. This is on top of the savings on labor costs resulting from the huge increase in productivity. These clients, as well as all of us at HomeTrak, have been extremely happy with Medasyst's service. I recommend them to anyone looking to save on credit card processing with a company you can count on.

 Rick Morey
Owner, HomeTrak



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