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WnetCard Modules™ are the APIs based on dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that extend the functionality of any programming language running on a Microsoft Windows platform. WnetCard Modules are based on true Windows low-level DLLs, which results in unparalleled speed of transaction execution. The procedural interface of WnetCard Modules is easy to implement and provides the fastest and most stable performance. The only language-specific tasks are the declarations of the routines and calls invoking the transaction routines. The DLLs can be linked at run time to any number of threads running in parallel. Thus they render themselves naturally to multi-threaded processes that are characteristic of server environment. This greatly simplifies the task of building a payment server if such a task is required. The libraries support multi-user network environment, either peer-to-peer or star-based. The transactions can be written into local file or into a file residing on a LAN or WAN server. No special programming is required. Unlike OCX or ActiveX controls, true Windows DLLs do not require modification of the Windows registry. Thus incorporation of these modules into the host software does not change the installation routine of the host product or introduce any additional system requirements.









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